Zaurasaurus (mrswhibley) wrote,

uuuuuuuh hi!

well, i figured that i would update, since i havent in like a year. and since ive been home with a throat and ear infection, ive been getting pretty bored. also, if there are people who just want to stalk me to see whats going on in my life, ill let you in for free.

it kinda sucks that for once in my life, i actually feel bad when i miss class. Ive been up at IADT-chicago since january, and ive been doing fashion design since i left siu. i guess now that tuition is 20 grand a year, im a little more careful about missing days of school.

im still dating the same person that i have for over a year now. hes at siu, so that makes it both easier and harder. easier, because a month will pass without seeing each other, so time kinda flies. harder because for that whole month, there are times that i want to see him, but i know i gotta wait.

besides that, there really isnt anything interesting at all in my life.

sometimes, i do wish that i was back at siu. and the did send me a letter saying i can, but i think with what im doing, im happier in the city. also, here i have a projected date of graduating, and i couldnt be happier about that. its not til summer of 2010, but its something.

i guess in a nutshell, im satisfied with where my life is right now. and not everyone can say that, can they?
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