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nope... i haven't changed. [05 Jan 2009|09:42pm]
i wish i had no responsibilities so that i could be drunk 24/7
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o boy [21 Sep 2008|11:11pm]
so i thought that the new "relationship" was just that. he really made it seem like he wanted a serious thing. so he came over to hang out tonight and left suddenly being confusing. then he told me that he didnt know if he was ready to date anyone and blah blah blah.

long story short, i called my ex crying for 20 minutes.

then decided with new guy that were going to slow it down a lot and get to know each other better first. keep it very casual, and whatever.

what a mess of a night.
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facebook probably told you... [15 Aug 2008|09:55pm]
another relationship down the drain. ugh.
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[18 Jul 2008|10:44pm]
why am i watching the WWF. for realz?

this is me avoiding getting in the shower. i have resorted to making another lj entry. i could just do it like i used to in high school, and just make random comments. im just not funny like i was in high school tho. i dont come up with the ridiculously nonsensical things i would back then. i guess i should return my award of class clown back to hinsdale south. can i do that?

whateves man. at least i can still crack myself up by making funny faces in the mirror when im getting ready to go anywhere. go ahead, picture it. its pretty funny.

im gonna go back to watching friday night smack down. yea, i said it. and go stop my dog from clucking at something outside. yea, she clucks, you jealous?
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hey bitches [08 Jul 2008|10:40am]
so its been a super long time, and im bored at school on my break, so ill write.

life is boring. i worked over my break, and got my nose pierced. super cool. i know.

paul sheffield came into my work yesterday. he always gave me the creeps for some reason.

my first class blows this quarter. its english 102 (yea, i know, its my 4th year of college, and im taking english 102. shut up i had issues passing eng 101.) my teacher is alright. she said that if you come late its like giving the entire class a large middle finger. id have to agree. i get my ass out of bed at 6 am to get on the train with all of the other miserable looking people.

i have to write a 15 page paper for en 102, and i donno what to write about. i want it to be something really easy. i can only use 2 internet sources, so i pretty much cant do anything interesting. i guess one year some broad tried to do hers on sex toys. the teacher wouldnt let her tho. so damn that ruins all of my hopes and dreams.

well i have to go pee and buy some water and gum because i have dorrito AND coffee breath. eek. later.
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uuuuuuuh hi! [22 Feb 2008|12:17pm]
well, i figured that i would update, since i havent in like a year. and since ive been home with a throat and ear infection, ive been getting pretty bored. also, if there are people who just want to stalk me to see whats going on in my life, ill let you in for free.

it kinda sucks that for once in my life, i actually feel bad when i miss class. Ive been up at IADT-chicago since january, and ive been doing fashion design since i left siu. i guess now that tuition is 20 grand a year, im a little more careful about missing days of school.

im still dating the same person that i have for over a year now. hes at siu, so that makes it both easier and harder. easier, because a month will pass without seeing each other, so time kinda flies. harder because for that whole month, there are times that i want to see him, but i know i gotta wait.

besides that, there really isnt anything interesting at all in my life.

sometimes, i do wish that i was back at siu. and the did send me a letter saying i can, but i think with what im doing, im happier in the city. also, here i have a projected date of graduating, and i couldnt be happier about that. its not til summer of 2010, but its something.

i guess in a nutshell, im satisfied with where my life is right now. and not everyone can say that, can they?
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[29 May 2007|12:52pm]
i had a convo with louis til 2:30AM last night.
we talked about everything. work, school, family, sex, everything.
he also apologized for hurting me last summer, and said he really didnt mean to, and he should have given me a second chance.
i finally have closure, and that is kick ass.

my yeast infection is all better, i know you all were concerned.
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[26 May 2007|12:29am]
Exactly one year ago today i was dumped by louis. its super weird. This may make me seem like a bitch, but this makes me happy:
Lou had been dating this senior in hs that he works with since november. it was all on and off the whole time. To be honest, when i first found out about her, it made my stomach turn a little. i was kinda in between ed and ron, and it was his first gf since our break up. the i found details that made it funny. they were on and off because she was psycho i guess. His friends that all loved me, hated her. she refused to be by him when he worked on his car, which i got annoyed with, but did it cause its what you do for your significant other. ha. anywho. he has finally gotten rid of her, and she hit the mother load. she writes him facebook messages like everyday. at LEAST 3 a day. and they all are like, just talk to me again, i swear i wont talk about the relationship. blah blah blah.
To be perfectly honest, it makes me laugh at him. finally he has come across someone that doesnt make me look psycho at all for being such a wreck when he dumped me.
a year ago today, i thought that my whole life was ruined, and today, im politely laughing inside knowing that i have someone that loves me and that i love too, and he isnt psycho like her. i think you can say that i made out with the better half.

on a different note, i have a yeast infection. it was discovered last night, and is probably a result of birth control. yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is effing gross. it doesnt have a creative name like my UTI did, but i keep saying "theres a fungus amoungus", which i think is pretty good.

i went to 6 flags with jay on thursday. its not what it used to be for me. i guess it didnt help that i was feeling kinda sick from the vag illness. batman gave me a TERRIBLE headache that lasted for about 15 minutes, and then we went on iron wolf, and that blew too. and so we stuck to stuff with no head guards for a while. the worst part was paying 10 bucks for a pop and pretzel. wtf is that. heh

its bedtime now. peace.
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[27 Apr 2007|12:26am]
pq call me tomorrow sometime. i mom isnt so keen on the idea of driving to the city at 11 oclock for the concert. im not so happy about it.
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[23 Apr 2007|02:02pm]
ladies and gentlemen, i have purchased a nintendo wii.
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[10 Apr 2007|11:29pm]
im not hearing about this enough... so im gonna broadcast it.

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[19 Mar 2007|04:13pm]
so since im an awesome gf, i came down to southern on saturday after work, and am leaving tomorrow afternoon for ash's guitar dingy. im bored out of my effing mind tho right now, because jay has work from 3-8.
some of the chicks from down the hall came to meet me. it was kinda awkward. they were like, we just came to meet you blah blah blah. and im like eeeeh, jay doesnt really like you. but they quickly left after telling me that it was clean in here, and i was like, yea i got bored and cleaned. and then they said it was hot, and i was like go away. and they did. haha

i am in love with the real housewives of orange county. im not gonna lie. i want that life. i want to be shopping at jimmy choo like its not big deal whatsoever. and i want to have a job because i want to, not cause i have to.

but ive run out of things to say. so later gators!
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[13 Mar 2007|02:54am]
hey bitches.

i thought i would enlighten you with my wonderful life. and by wonderful, i mean extremely boring.

there is a new girl at my work that is really fat, and has a maury fat baby style little sister. she is bow legged. anyway, i dont like fat girl cause shes really slow at EVERYTHING. so when she rings people up it takes her like 9 hours, and she fucks up a LOT. i mean, beginners fuck up, but not this much. shes nice tho.

jay came home this week for his spring break. it has been really bad timing, cause ive had a 29 hour work week, and i had another dress due in my design class. so far ive managed to get all this done, but along with a saucy attitude. fortunately, jay is putting up with it, and ash is listening to my venting.

i started to watch running with scissors last night, cause i read the book and liked it. but i only got about half way thru if even that. i donno why i just talked about that, but i thought of it.

im TOTALLY getting sea monkeys tomorrow. http://www.sea-monkey.com/ for anyone that doesnt know what they are.
im excited and anxious, cause when i was little, mine only lasted like a week, cause my mom would forget that i had them in like a bowl, and she would pour them out. but im gonna get a sweet tank and put them in my bath room. FRIGGEN EXCITED! dont worry, ill try to remember to take pics. wow, i really just got excited about that.

soooo i have class tomorrow, and then ash and i are getting slurpees. so, pq, if you see this, youre coming with. Xtina, i donno if youll be able to come out, but if you see this, you should come with too. ill call you. unless you dont want to, then you can make up a good excuse when i call you... or just hit ignore like red does. no, he still has not lived that down, and he never will. wait, he didnt even do that to me. why am i mad?

ANYWAY, i gotta go to bed, cause i have an early morning. later bitches.
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dear olsen twins, [16 Feb 2007|11:42am]
i used to love you. but this creeps me out.

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[15 Feb 2007|09:21pm]
Please note as you read this article, the woman's age and the number of children she has:

CONNELLSVILLE, Pa. - A woman gave birth to a boy outside a western Pennsylvania hospital, a delivery that happened so quickly that the infant wound up in the woman's pants.

"It happened so fast," Rebecca Johnson, 24, told the Daily Courier in Connellsville. "I didn't know what happened until he was in my pant leg."

Johnson had just gotten out of the car at Highlands Hospital in Connellsville and was still in the parking lot when her 5-pound, 15-ounce son, Mason Matthew Parkinson, arrived Wednesday.

An emergency room physician cut the umbilical cord in the parking lot, and doctors attended to Johnson until she could be taken to Uniontown Hospital, which has a maternity unit.

Mason, Johnson's fourth child, was doing well.
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[03 Feb 2007|02:55am]
hey bitches!

this is a buzzed entry from the love of your life. i wish i could remember all of the people that i called today.... but i cant.
mmm pq is the best tonight. omgz. yay for breaking the EDGE. shes calling red right now. hes calling red right now, that is pretty sweet. we called him earlier, and we totally PRANKED his ass. he did NOT see that one coming.... fo sho. why is he asleep.

ISU is pretty sweet. and were getting some pizza shit that kristina says is good, and she goes to school here, so i trust that silly biotch. she wants to steal my coat from gap.

kristinas roommate's name is (SHIT I DIDNT CALL ABBAS!!!) Fitts, and it reminds me of Fritz from Camp! LOVE that movie. not really, its lame.

Nicky and i talked about Pamn a couple of times and it was good.

JAy went to sleep and i tried to call him, but hes sleeping sill bitch. ugh.

my typing is so good for being this bizzed. licking my lips feels good. ew, i was just like kelly. you dont know who kelly is. blah.

PQ is soooo tanked (aka Pussy Queen, aka PKitty). omg shes talking sooo much which is hilarious. my damaged liver is hardcore. so pq says. and now shes dsing, and thats hot.

isu=sucess. and now were gonna play ds once xtina finds hers and restarts her computer. friggen kieth screwed that shit up. what a biotch. pq fucked that shit up.

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[24 Jan 2007|02:11am]
figured id share with you some doodles that ive done lately. some are cute.

Read more...Collapse )
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[17 Jan 2007|09:46pm]
hey players and playas. i have nothing exciting in my life. the bf is back at school :(

tomorrow i start new classes. i have a 1 o clock and a 6 o clock. im excited tho cause theyre all fashion classes this semester.

thats all i really have to say. sorry im boring. LATER
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[03 Jan 2007|02:27am]
im dating jay now.

so to clarify these boys:
david: guy from work. screwed once, didnt talk to ever again. saw him occasionally, and it was awkward.
ed: screwed. didnt have time for me. see him occasionally, and its awkward.
ron: annoying as hell. dumped him.
jay: goes to southern. know him from there. wanted to date me when i went there. i stopped talking to him for no reason. started talking to him again this summer. now were dating.

to avoid further confusion, i think ill try to stick with this one for a while. hopefully.

that is all. goodnight
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[30 Dec 2006|06:40pm]
here's another year-in-review thing.
this time it's the first sentences (or paragraphs, if i feel the need) of each month from 2006.

"i heart spending my new years eve in a hotel room getting wasted with 15 of my newest friends. :)"

"being sick is having a horrible emotional affect on me. Ive been exploding like crazy at little things like the bed being too far from the wall, and even at louis, tho hes done nothing but be amazing all this time. and ive been crying so much because 1. this hurts so bad and 2. i have no idea whats wrong with me, and that is one of the scariest things ive ever experieced."(mm when i had mono, delicious)

"It's 73 degrees and slightly cloudy here in Carbondale, Illinois. omg. it is amazing."

"my new passion is downloading as many disney movies as i possibly can on morpheus. so far i have Tarzan, Fox and the Hound, and Beauty and the Beast. Im on the process of getting the little mermaid, dumbo, lilo and stich, Pocahontas, and alice in wonderland. "

"Xtina, you like my new icon!? heh"

"so ill try to make this entry unlike my last few."

"almost a month from the last time i updated. hmm."

"-so lately my life has been a lot of ashley, and when not with her, at
barnes and noble visiting xtina, and some of that deanna girl.
-yesterday saw thank you for smoking with deanna
-slurpee hill
-ash's house"

"short entry due to having to leave for work in 6 minutes. last night was okie-di-dokie."

"warning, it will make some people annoyed."

"i have had this lj for 4 years and 28 days."

"so heres my "im an ungrateful bitch" story of the day."
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